Our Story

Life is not the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away.
Each breath that we take is so valuable. We named our brand Nefes, because we wanted to touch people’s breathtaking moments.The main inspiration of our brand comes from our Lal, Maya, Edvina, Mila and Ella; our own daughters we gave breath and life.

We take great care of quality and natural components of our products while choosing its materials. We do so because, we believe that by integrating natural texture and prints to our lines, we will make our lives more bearable and our future more pure in many ways.

Each and every single pattern and design that we’ve meticulously chosen not carry time concept, are woven and sent to our production line by the order given.
Each line of products from our overall collection is designed for everyday use from casual beach outfits to dressy evening outfits.

Our mission and dream is to share our breath “NEFES” with free people who “CARPE DIEM”; seize the day, enjoy nature, enjoy blending patterns who do not carry any time concept with daily trend…

Let yourself indulge summer, the best time of the year by joining our dream World. We will make you “Breathe”.

Ceyda, Karel & Süzet


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